Managing Workplace Difficulties


Are you having a problem or conflict with a boss or colleague?  Is work draining you?  Do you find yourself awake at night worrying about work?  Do you think it might be time to try something new?  With many years of experience with individuals and teams, I can offer analysis, as well as guidance to orient you back toward your goals and develop strategies for success.  Navigating the workplace with emotional intelligence will help you have more peace, opportunities, and a greater sense of purpose.

Strengthening Relationships


Has the communication or intimacy broken down in your connection?  Do you sometimes wonder how you ever fell in love with the person you are sharing your life with?  Is conflict getting in the way of connection?  You can have a fulfilling and loving relationship.  Whether you are coming individually or with a significant other, I will help you see your path toward increasing joy in your relationship.  People who are dating, in marriages, whether traditional or not, are welcome.

Skillful Parenting


Are you sometimes shocked by how hard it is to get everyone out the door in the morning?  Do you wonder how other people are balancing work and family?   Are you home with the kids and feeling alienated from who you used to be? Whether you are new parent or been at it awhile, raising children can be deeply challenging and sometimes it feels there is just not enough energy left for yourself. Expand on what's working well and add a few new tools to your belt that can keep the whole family on track.  I help both single parents and those in relationships in many stages of parenting.

Dealing with Divorce


 Considering divorce?  Are you right in the middle of it but find it hard to talk to your friends and family?  Do you feel numbness, anger, sadness, and relief sometimes all in the same day?  Divorce is a loss and it's not uncommon to go through a mixture of emotions.  I can help guide you through to other side where you will start to see new opportunities and feel yourself again.  I also offer sessions for families during the process of separation or post-divorce to find new, healthy way to interact as ex-partners and possibly co-parents.  This can be very healing for all involved.

Successful Step-Parenting


So you met a person with children?  Maybe you have your own.  Blending a family is exciting and complex.  It often involves not just the relationship with your new partner but also parents outside the household who are also raising the children. Family is made through quality experiences together, not biology.   Talking with someone who knows can help. Create a plan that will foster respect and compassion for all family members.    

Enjoying Dating


Are you feeling unsure about taking the leap into the dating world?  Have you met someone you really like but could use a sounding board to keep it on the right track?  Dating is the time when you get to dream and create what you want in relationship.  Noticing the moments of joy, excitement, and also fear as you embark into unknown territories with new people, is a learned skill.    Sometimes having a little outside help can make all the difference.

Therapy Helps With

Depression, Anxiety, & Trauma


Learn new ways to think about, and new tools to cope with, these and other health challenges that can occur.

Life Challenges & Transitions


  • Managing health issues
  • Caregiving for children, parents or others
  • Contemplating or recently retired
  • Children leaving and feeling the effects of an "empty nest"

Having the Life You Want


Sometimes there is a gap between what currently is and what you want.  Therapy can help you take new risks and close the gap.


Lauren Bloom, MSSW, Registered Associate CSW #79080, Supervised by Carolyn Moore, LCSW #26169

Practicing through the auspices of Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center, a nonprofit organization providing affordable counseling & psychotherapy services to adults, children & adolescents, couples and families throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 


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Serving California residents by video or in person in Berkeley near the Oakland border.

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